Friday, 10 June 2011

Get Bike Week off to a flying start with a free service!

Bike Week will soon be here (19th-27th June) and we've had a fantastic offer from local mechanic DC Cycleworks to get your bike in tip-top condition - free servicing for 20 bikes at your workplace*!

Ace mechanic Dereck Cutler will come to your workplace for a day or half-day on Monday 20th June and will service your bicycles for free while you are at work.  It's an excellent offer because a service in a bike shop would usually cost £25-30 per bike.

If you'd like to request Dereck to come to your workplace, please add a comment to this post, telling us:
  • Your name and contact details
  • Whether you would like Dereck to come for a full day or half day (see below)
  • The name and address of your workplace - please note this MUST be in Somerset only!
  • A couple of lines about why Dereck should come to your place!
We will do a draw from the entries received at 4pm on Thursday 16th June.

Here's the other things you need to know:
  • You must ensure you have enough people to take part in the servicing - a minimum of 9 people for a half day, 18 people for a full day. You will need to send us a list of  participants by Friday 17th June.
  • You must ensure you have an agreed space for Dereck to work in. This can be inside or outside, provided it is on a level surface and (if outside) can accommodate a gazebo measuring 3m x 3m.
  • *The way it usually works is that people all drop their bikes off to Dereck first thing in the morning and collect them in the afternoon. This is why it tends to suit workplaces as people are in one place for a long time. We will be happy to consider other venues (e.g. schools, clubs) where this is also the case - please contact us if you want to discuss.
  • Please make sure your proposed venue is in Somerset!

Dereck bringing a dodgy bike back to life!


  1. I am sure lots of us poor public servants here at County Hall would love a free bike service. There are some very sad looking bikes (and riders!) around here that could do with cheering up!

    There is plenty to keep Dereck busy for a whole day.

    Fingers crossed,

    County Hall,
    Somerset TA1 4DY
    0845 345 9155

  2. Last entry got wiped!!
    Quick entry this time;
    Based at Clarks in Street.
    Bike week evening ride organised Wed across the moors (30 coming so far), almost 1000 staff, maybe 60 or 70 cycle commuters, looking to promote cycling throughout the company, adopt bike to work scheme etc.
    Would love to kick bike week off with this type of event.
    We have the space, the bikes and a real need to push this!!
    contact Mike Stitfall, Westway DC 01458 844240

  3. We will let the winner know tomorrow!